Terms of service

1.1 By using this site, You are automatically accepting our terms and conditions.
1.2 We have the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
1.3 Terms are last updated on 04/01/2017.
1.4 Some logos and illustrations on our site are the trademarks of respective companies.
1.5 GptVenue is not a get rich quick scheme, MLM, Cyclers or HYIPs.
1.6 Users from any country can participate in our program.
2.1 Only one account is allowed per IP/Household.
2.2 Using proxies, VPNs etc to complete offers are strictly prohibited. Doing so may lead to the permanent suspension of your account. Our system is highly updated to kick cheaters out from our system.
2.3 You must provide a valid email address during registration.
2.4 You must use your real information to complete offers.
2.5 Most of the offers credits to your GptVenue account instantly after completing it. But some may take more time to credit to your account.
2.6 Our referral program offer you upto 15% of your referrals earnings.
2.7 Generating fake referrals is completely prohibated.
2.8 We have the right to suspend your account at any time with/without any notice if you violate our terms.
3.1 Venue Points (VPs)must be converted to cash for withdrawing from our site.
3.2 At this moment 100 VPs is equal to 1 USD.
3.3 Currently we only send payments via Paypal, Bitcoins and Perfect money.
3.4 USD to Bitcoin conversion rate is determined by blockchain.info at the time of payment.
3.5 Redemption of venue points to gift cards are also supported but the availability of gift cards may vary.
3.6 We manually verify each account and we will send the payments within 5 business days.
3.7 If we detect any kind of fraud activity going on your account, We have the right to suspend your account at the time of cashout/Redemption without paying your balance.
4.1 GptVenue doesn't provide any earning guarantees.
4.2 We are not responsible for any errors/damages caused when completing our partners offers.
4.3 Your balance may be freezed sometimes when we detect fraud activities.
4.4 If we didn't get paid by our partners then we have the rights to make changes on our users payments.